Rights of Way
In 2019 I started a project exploring the different rights of way that criss-cross the UK. In March 2020 I became ill with Coronavirus and the world shrank to be enclosed by four-close-walls. As I regained my strength and breathing became easier, the daily lockdown walks I took from my house became longer. The world opened up again in ever-widening walks from home.
These images cover a landscape of ancient droveways, the construction of new cycle paths, urban alleyways and riverine rights of navigation. They run at odds to the restrictions of private ownership and the anger-fuelled conflicts that ignite when public rights come into conflict with individual greed and self-interest.
Grahame, my Dad, has always said that "you can never own a view" and these pictures are an effort to share these views of a landscape, along with the people, plants and animals which inhabit it.